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Types of solids

Solid is a closed 3-D geometric figure such as a cube or cylinder.

Types of solids:

Cube - a solid figure bounded by six six square faces.It has eight vertices and twelve egdes.

Cuboid - parallelepiped of whose faces are rectangles.

Prism - a convex polyhedron with two "end" faces that are congruent convex polygons lying a parallel planes in such a way that, with edges joining corresponding vertices, the remaining faces are parallelograms. A right-regular prism is one in which the two "end" faces are regular polygons and the remaining faces are rectangular. 

Pyramid - a convex polyhedron with one face (the base) a convex polygon and all the vertices of the base joined by edges to one other vertex (the apex). Thus the remaining faces are triangilar. A right-regular pyramid is one in which the base is a regular polygon and the remaining faces are isosceles triangles.


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