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Roman numerals


Roman numerals is another way to write numbers using special symbols. It comes from the ancient Romans, who took it from the Etruscans and changed.

Roman numerals are used for mark: 
  • centuries, for example, the twenty-first century - XXI Century
  • months, for example: XII is December
  • hours, for example: VI to 6 a.m.
Basic numbers:
1 - I
5 - V
10 - X
50 - L
100 - C
500 - D
1000 - M

Rules for writing Roman numerals:
  • Next to each other can be a maximum of three same characters
  • Next to each other can not stand the characters: V, L, D. ..
  • There can not be two characters representing numbers less directly in front of the sign denoting the number higher.
  • Characters preceding the number can not be other characters than I, C, M...

Roman fractions:

Roman fractions based on twelewes ("uncia", one of the lower-level units). The unit was usually divided into twelve smaller units and all multiples of these smaller units have their names and marks.